The word taxidermy was first used in 1820, from the Greek words taxis, “arrangement,” and derma, “skin.” If you’re a fan of taxidermy some will say you like real stuffed animals.

Our taxidermy is legally harvested from all over the country and is mounted by one of the top taxidermist in our country.  Our taxidermy is mounted by a skilled craftsmen that have the knowledge and skill to recreate the pose, gracefulness and beauty of our wildlife.   The craftsmen who sets each piece requires an extraordinary knowledge of nature’s physical subtleties and a commitment o duplicate them after death.  Knowing how to snarl a lip or sculpt tension into the body of a prowling bobcat or a stalking lion, or choosing which size and color of glass eyeball to use, is crucial to the specimen’s overall success.

We carry a variety of taxidermy that will accent your cabin décor.  We currently stock a bobcat, a pheasant, 2 raccoons, and a squirrel.  Please feel free to call us with any questions.









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