Rustic Teak Frontier Seating

rustic teak frontier seating

Our Rustic Teak Frontier seating set is a great for indoor or outdoor seating.  It is handcrafted from solid teak wood that will last for a lifetime as much of our teak furniture is constructed from wood that is already several hundred years old when harvested.

The Rustic Teak Frontier Seating set is shown here with 6 pieces, but you can pick and choose which ones will fit your space best.  Each piece is unique so we strongly recommend you come pick out your teak furniture in person so you can get just the right one!  Our teak furniture is treated with beeswax to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and offer some protection from the elements.

If indoors teak furniture will only need a polish with the beeswax finish about once a year, if left outdoor we recommend treating it several times a year for the best appearance.

However, if left untreated teak will not rot, it will simply change to a grey patina that can be left for many years then it can be sanded and refinished at any time to bring back to its original luster.

Teak Frontier Chair: #FRONTIERCHAIR – $799
Teak Frontier Octagonal Coffee Table: #FRONTIERCOFFEE – $429
Teak Frontier Bench Sofa: #FRONTIERBENCH – $999
Teak Cross Cut End Table: #CROSSCUTTEAK – $399

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