Redwood Dining Table

red wood dining table

Our beautiful Redwood Dining Table is absolutely stunning!  The giant slab comes from a magnificent California Redwood tree that blew over in a storm many years ago.  After salvaging the log, large band saws cut it up in thick slabs.  Then it was shipped to Ohio to go through a long drying process.  Finally, after drying Amish craftsmen hand make each unique slab into a beautiful table.

When counting the growth rings in this tree you will see it was 500+ years old.  Imagine, this tree was likely alive when Columbus discovered America over 5 centuries ago.  Each Redwood Slab Top Dining Table is truly unique!

The edges of these tables are left as natural as possible to reveal the beauty of the wood.  We can order in various sizes, but due to limited supply of the slabs, sizes will not be exact.

Custom tables can take 3-8 months depending on supply, and at time of order we can give a more exact estimate.

This collection can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. Please contact us for more information.
Redwood Slab is shown in a natural stain, brown maple base is shown in an OCS 230 Onyx Stain. Lyndon side chairs shown in brown maple with an OCS 230 Onyx stain, Bomber Brown top grain leather on seats.

Dining Table: 11406 (84”L x 43”W) – $6,999
Side Chair: LYNDONSIDE – $399 ea.

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