Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Our hand crafted Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture is made of Aromatic Red Cedar.  Aromatic Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture withstands the weather when being used a s patio furniture. It is a rot and insect resistant wood that is strong and durable.  The attractive nature of aromatic red cedar furniture makes it a popular choice for outdoor patio furniture as well as a more rustic indoor furniture for cabins and log homes.

The scientific name for Aromatic Red Cedar or Eastern Cedar is, Juniperus virginiana, which is a species of juniper native to eastern North America from southeastern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and east of the Great Plains.  Eastern or Aromatic Red Cedar has a thin, white sapwood that may alternate with stripes of heartwood.  Straight and even grained with a fine uniform texture. Creamy white sapwood and light reddish or purplish heartwood that ages to a darker red or reddish brown. Often contains numerous knots.

Our Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture is handcrafted by the Amish. It is milled for a smooth finish for your comfort and a clean look.

23″ Cedar Adirondack Chair: #CEDARADCHAIR – $165
23″ Cedar Swivel Glider: #CEDARSWIVELGLIDER – $299
Cedar Gliding Loveseat: #CEDARLOVE – $369
Cedar Rocker: #CEDARROCKER – $179
Cedar Side Table: #CEDARSIDETABLE (14 x 24 x 22 H) – $89
Cedar End Table: #CEDARRDEND – $89
Cedar Coffee Table: #CEDARCOFFEE – $139
Cedar Stationary Ottoman: #CEDAROTT – $79
Cedar Gliding Ottoman: #CEDARGLOTTOMAN – $129
Large Cedar Wishing Well: #WISHINGWELL – $349

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