Design Team

Meet Our Design Consultants 



Ashley Rosales Valverde

Born and raised in Guatemala City, I grew up in a colorful cultural setting. I relocated to Georgia a few years ago, and have enjoyed working in the home furnishings industry ever since! My goal is to take a space and make it unique, functional, and ensure that it feels like home. Being away from home myself, I understand the importance of making a personal space feel as intimate and warm as possible.





Jesse Wright

   A North Georgia native, I joined the Mountain Top team Fall of 2016. I love sports, my dogs, and going camping. Going camping with my dogs and playing some corn hole is heaven on Earth! 







Mara Constantine

  As a Florida native, I’m certainly not lost for company in Appalachia.  I’ve traded the traffic and beaches for serenity and fabulous microbreweries.  I’m looking forward to putting down some roots with the love of my life, my Prius, and am so enthused to be working in the furniture industry here.







Joel Kelley

Being native to the area, I had the pleasure of growing up in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. I joined Mountain Top Furniture in Fall of 2017. I like the rustic feel that our store has and I feel it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the area.