Upholstered Hickory Log Gliding Set

Our Upholstered Hickory Log Gliding Set is handcrafted by the Amish using rustic hickory logs and your choice of fabric to have a great look for your mountain home.  The glider and swivel glider are top grade mechanisms so they are extremely smooth and quiet.  This is another one of those sets that you must try out to truly appreciate just how comfortable it is!

All logs used to make this Upholstered Hickory Log Gliding Set have been kiln dried to ensure they are stable and the bark will remain on them.  After choosing the best materials, then assembled by amazing craftsmen, our Amish furniture is then finished with a high grade varnish.  This offers the best protection against scratches & dents while ensuring your furniture will remain beautiful for years to come.

This is Hickory Log Gliding is handcrafted by the Amish using solid Hickory and your choice of fabric or leather. Place this piece in a mountain home with wildlife or southwestern fabrics, or dress it up with a solid textured microfiber or leather for a more traditional or cabin home, the possibilities are endless!

Hickory Swivel Rocker: #4683GALVESTONEMERSON – $999
Hickory Swivel Rocker: #4683BRADLEYRANGER – $999
Hickory Gliding Ottoman: #6071EMERSON – $319
Hickory Gliding Ottoman: #6071RANGER: $319
Upholstered Double Glider: #7683GALVESTONEMERSON – $1,249
Upholstered Double Glider: #7683KODIAKRANGER – $1,249

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