Aspen Log

Logs:  We use only the highest grade dead-standing aspen that comes from the upper elevations of the Rocky Mountains.  As the logs are grade, they are hand sorted into natural and gnarly character.  The gnarly wood is rare and comes from stands of trees where elk herds have wintered and eaten the bark and rubbed the felt off their horns against the saplings.  As the trees grew these chew marks and horn rubs turned into elaborate gnarly configurations.  The distinction of using natural or gnarly logs creates our log style preferences.

Lumber:  All of our panels are solid wood aspen, no laminates!  The lumber we use is kiln dried to moisture content below 8% for optimal quality.  As we grade the lumber, we sort it into natural and wild or colorful grain.  The distinction of using natural or wild grain lumber in our panels creates our panel style preferences.

Hardware:  Our aspen furniture only has full-extension ball bearing glides.  All of our door hinges are European-style, 6 way adjustable hinges.  We use naturally bent twigs for handles enhancing the natural beauty of every piece.

Options:  The options are limitless on our aspen furniture.  We can customize sizes, stains, log characteristics, design features and much more.  Visit our store in Blairsville, GA to get full details from one of our sales associates.

Finishes:  We use a 3 coat process: either a stain or a clear base coat to draw out the natural beauty of the wood grain, a catalyzed vinyl sealer that gets scuffed silky smooth, and a catalyzed conversion coating for the top coat.  This combination provides excellent durability, consistency, and feel of theis layered catalyzed finish.


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