Cypress Outdoor Swings

Cypress Outdoor Swing

Our Cypress Outdoor Swings are strong and durable because they are naturally resistant to insects and decay.  You can leave your cypress pieces outdoor in the garden or on the porch all  through the winter with no worries.  Our cypress pieces are hand made by the Amish in Ohio and are real pieces of art that you would be proud to place on your porch for everyone to enjoy.  One thing about our cypress swings which makes them more comfortable, besides the curve back, is that the chain by the arm comes up on the outside of the arm, not through the arm like many other manufactures do.  This allows you to have full use of the arm rest.

Our Cypress Outdoor Swings in stock are unfinished. Cypress is easy to stain or paint if you prefer darker color or some vivid color that works better with your home.  But if you leave it unfinished over time it will turn gray for a natural rustic look.  If you want to keep the clean and fresh looking all you need to do is put a water sealant on it in the beginning of the season.  If you don’t have the time to seal or paint your cypress piece as you desire, we can custom order it for you in your color or stain of choice.

Our Cypress Swings come in 4′ and 5′ lengths.  If you come see how comfortable our swings are you might love to order the 4′ Glider with the same curve in the back.  There are also some more pieces you could add to your cypress collection: coffee table, end table, high back swings, high back gliders, potting table, folding table and chairs, cricket chair, adirondack chair, adirondack glider, turkey tail connector, footrest and don’t forget an A-Frame for your swing.

4′ Grandpa Swing: #2704 – $249
5′ Grandpa Swing: #1860 – $289



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