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Rustic Kitchen Linens

Rustic Kitchen Linens are available! Table runners, placemats and window treatments add the warmth of home to your kitchen. Cozy braided table accents bring back memories of a time gone by. Braided placemats or braided runners are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Braided collections include many color patterns to match any centerpiece, flooring or paint color in your home. The braided collection also offers you many hand stenciled designs. Bear placemats, pinecone table runners or moose trivets are all available thru the braided collection. This line includes everything you need for your mountain kitchen! Trivets, casserole warmers, coasters, chair pads, runners, and placemats  are available in several styles and sizes.

Rustic Kitchen Linens are also available in many fa...

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The word taxidermy was first used in 1820, from the Greek words taxis, “arrangement,” and derma, “skin.” If you’re a fan of taxidermy some will say you like real stuffed animals.

Our taxidermy is legally harvested from all over the country and is mounted by one of the top taxidermist in our country.  Our taxidermy is mounted by a skilled craftsmen that have the knowledge and skill to recreate the pose, gracefulness and beauty of our wildlife.   The craftsmen who sets each piece requires an extraordinary knowledge of nature’s physical subtleties and a commitment o duplicate them after death...

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Amish Made Poly Outdoor Furniture

Poly 4' Adirondack Glider

We are proud to offer a large collection of some of the highest quality Amish Made Poly Outdoor Furniture available on the market today!  All our offerings are handcrafted by the Amish in Ohio using only the highest quality materials to provide a product that has a lifetime residential guarantee!

Poly is High Density Polyethyleine (HDPE), a recycled plastic derived from post-consumer waste such as milk and detergent bottles.  This material is cleaned in a decontamination process to a purity level of over 99% HDPE, then compounded into solid board stock material.  The resulting product contains over 90% recycled post consumer waste by weight. This Amish Made Poly Outdoor Furniture has brought a new perspective to durable outdoor furniture.

There are many benefits to choosing Poly:

  • W...
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