Cabin Electrical Covers

Cabin themed switch plate covers and electrical covers are a great way to add a mountain feel to any room in your house for a minimal investment.  We feature bear, deer, moose and pinecone themes!

wild wings shotgun_shell_outlet_cover_double_switch wild wings rustic-stone-switch-plates-with-bear-design wild wings pinecone-switch-plate-covers wild wings faux-antler-single-switchplate-cover wild wings faux-antler-outlet-cover wild wings faux-antler-double-switchplate-cover wild wings faux stone switch coverrivers edge moose double switch cover rivers edge double antler switch plate cover rivers edge bear triple switch plate rivers edge bear single switch plate cover rivers edge bear receptacle cover rivers edge cabin receptacle cover rivers edge single antler switch plate cover rivers edge deer antler receptacle cover

wild wings slate-finished-light-switch-covers-with-deer-design















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