Bristol Barn Wood Dining Table

The story of our Bristol Barn Wood Dining Table started over a 100 years ago.  Trees were cut down manually with just an ax.  Next. heft beams and boards are cut from the timbers.  No after being used for many years later, barns are being dismantled and the wood reused to make beautiful furniture.

The lumber is first cleaned and dried to get it ready to work with.  All the lumber is run under a metal detector to find and remove any nails.  It is then kiln-dried to 7% moisture to stabilize the wood and exterminate any insects that might be in it.  This barn wood process is an excellent green way to preserve the old and vintage while giving the precious natural resource a second life.

Next our Amish craftsmen hand select each piece to make a beautiful table that can last for generations more as a family heirloom.  It is built entirely out of solid reclaimed wood and features an excellent finish to help improve and protect your table for many years to come.

Our barn wood dining tables come in many different styles and sizes to meet your exact needs.  We can do them with or without leaves.  Select from several chairs, benches, and different style bases such as metal or painted black for a two tone look.

Bristol Barn Wood Table: #BRISTOLTABLE – $2,299
Bristol Barn Wood Side Chair: #BRISTOLSIDE – $389 ea.

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