Black Walnut Slab Top Tables

Black Walnut Slab Top Tables

Black Walnut Slab Top Tables are handcrafted by the Amish using hand selected black walnut slabs for the tops, cedar stumps on the base.  These are absolutely stunning and a great choice for a unique look in your mountain cabin or home.

Each piece is finished with a clear varnish the beautifies and protects the wood.  We can custom order them in many different sizes, and every piece will be a unique work of art.  These are handcrafted by the Amish so they are built to last and be enjoyed for generations.

We have many other black walnut pieces available to complement this collection, so come see us for full details.



Black Walnut Sofa Table: #1423 – $599
Large Black Walnut End Table: #4668 – $499
Small Black Walnut End Table: #907 – $399
Black Walnut Coffee Table: #908 –  $599

Also Pictured:
Forest Trail Roomsize Rug: #1308 (5’3″ X 7’6″) – $200

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